Sunday, December 31, 2017

The CWJ Argument for God's Eternal, Intelligent Existence

The primary CWJ argument for God's existence and identity is as follows, based entirely on the scientific method:

Life exists; life only, and always, comes from existing life (no exceptions, ever, and this happens every day, many times a day); therefore, since life only comes from already-existing life, life must be eternal, since we are here now; further, since this eternal life is also symmetrical and intelligent in terms of how we view design and purpose, eternal life must also be intelligent. This eternal, intelligent life is whom Christian Witnesses of Jah call "God," identified further throughout our human history by many forms of similar names, but the least disputed of which in our English language is "Jah."

The above argument is similar in part to Louis Pasteur's argument in terms of life coming from something or someone already alive (biogenesis). However, it does not appear Pasteur derived from this fact that life must, ultimately, also be eternal, since it can only come from existing life. Hence the argument against something or someone being eternal is defeated by our very own existence, and by the existence of anything alive, since life in any form could only be here now IF life is eternal. This is consistent with what we see every day, multiple times a day, and is in direct contradiction to the foolish, absolutely unscientific belief in the evolution of life from non-life.

(This argument was originally presented on this blog on January 13, 2010: