Saturday, October 24, 2009

NEW Christian Tract: "Beliefs Based on the Best Available Reasons"

Remember my "Christian Tract Idea #1"? Back on January 1, 2009, I put up a Blog about a tract idea which has now been realized. It's a little different from the fist vision about how the tract should look, but I believe in the end it came out better than I first intended!

You can view and download PDFs of the tract on the Elihu Books Topical Index under "C," "Christian Tracts: Beliefs Based on the Best Available Reasons." Elihu Books and CWJ will be making high quality printed copies available to all who are interested, and we will be distributing them far and wide throughout the earth, Jah willing.

We will also have an option for ordering large quantities of our tracts, or to simply have some added for free to any order from the Elihu site. We will also be doing mass mailings and other forms of distribution. You are welcome to join us in making "Beliefs Based on the Best Available Reasons" known throughout the world, especially since the beliefs here have to do with Jah, with Jesus of Nazareth, and with the Bible. But you may use the material, as it is presented, however you like. You do not need to use our mailing address label; you can use your own address; but I will only defend what is presented on the tract as it is presented. So be careful if you do alter the material, and be prepared to defend whatever it is you put forth in association with this tract or with any other material, based the best available reasons.

Christian Witnesses of Jah are working on more tracts, audio and videos, and more material in print and/or for use online. Keep doing your part! Don't ever let yourself believe that you cannot give others hope in Jah's and in Jesus' names based on the good teachings and history presented to us all in the Bible. You can! And if you are having a hard time getting started, then find one or more persons with whom to work (compare Matthew 18:20) in teaching others about Jah's goodness, no, about Jah's greatness! Teach them about the history of Jesus of Nazareth, and about his many wonderful and helpful teachings. Point others to the Bible, not fanatically, or as if you are not aware of its origin and transmission among men. But do so the way you present beliefs in everything else: Based on good reasons, preferably, based on the best available reasons!

Help those in need. But start with yourself. Then take care of your family. After that, if you have more time to give, reach out to as many as possible, reasonably, but with conviction and with trust in Jah and in Jesus, who will send the holy spirit to empower you and to give you strength. Because they will send it, and you "will receive power," not as a distraction from your message, but to stabilize your presentation, and to help you reach the hearts and minds of others who are made in Jah's image, as Jah, Jesus, and the holy spirit speak through you, or bring back to your mind the things you have learned in connection with them.--John 14:26; 16:7; Acts 1:8.

Praise Jah!