Monday, February 7, 2011

Elihu Online Papers

Earlier this year the new Elihu Online Papers (EOP) page became active with its first article, a revision of the earlier draft, "Advanced 'Earth Conditions': Corrections to Miller's 1953 Hypothesis and Its Likely Indications," EOP 1 (July 4, 2010 [revised January 10, 2011]).

Shortly thereafter the second article was added (also a revision of an earlier draft), "Another Exception to Granville Sharp's Canon and Its Kin: A Further Response to Dan Wallace (With an Appendix)," EOP 2 (July 26, 2010 [revised January 18, 2011]).

Today the final (and third revision of an earlier draft) article was added to the Elihu Online Papers page, "Punctuation in Early Greek New Testament Texts," EOP 3 (September 4, 2010 [revised February 7, 2011]).

All three articles have been revised in ways which are meant to make more clear what was presented in the three earlier drafts, but without substantially adding to the prior articles' body of material or conclusions. There is a slightly different footnote sequencing at times due to the new format's use of *s for the first two introductory notes; the numbered footnotes begin with the main text's first paragraph.

Additional articles related to the educational, social, and spiritual interests of Elihu Books and the Christian Witnesses of Jah will be regularly featured on the new EOP page, which also makes it possible for me to provide important or otherwise helpful materials for reading and for downloading at no cost. Updates about any new or pending EOP articles will be given through Twitter, on this Blog, as well as on the Elihu Chat page (to which I will soon return, to answer some pending questions). Please note also the location of the Elihu Online Papers link on the Elihu Books web site, which is where the Chat link used to be located, just above the first color-coded menu link. (The Chat link is now in the lower bright red section of the left-side main menu, just above the bottom "Contact Us" link.)

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