Monday, March 12, 2018

Christian Witnesses of Jah and the Trinity

I've received some odd feedback from some who see my "Signs in Sun and Moon and Stars" article as an acceptance, or me being "open" to Trinitarianism. I never wrote this, and anyone who suggests this is either naïve or deceiving you.

Still, apparently some are more alarmed by their own misunderstanding of my view of the Trinity than they are concerned about what I wrote regarding MS, SM, and SMS groups and people! Obviously, any person who reads my "Sun and Moon and Stars" article and whose main or only concern after doing so is whether I am "open" to the Trinity missed the whole point of that article, and may even be sympathetic to those want to continue to divide Christianity, making it an easier MS, SM, and SMS target.

Again, many people act like Christians; but they only really want to argue about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. That is not the sign of a Christian. So I rarely waste time with people anymore who only want to waste my time re-hashing already-debated topics. The evidence is readily available. Each person can accept or reject it.

For the record, I never wrote I am "open" to Trinitarianism as some seem to think. In fact, I was very clear in my "Signs in Sun and Moon and Stars" article CWJs do not promote Trinitarianism.

However, I personally believe the Trinity, as traditionally understood, is a better understanding of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit than those views which demean Jesus (like MS, SM, and SMS persons and groups) or which do not give him enough glory, like most so-called Christian groups who deny Jesus' conscious pre-human existence today, similar to Islam, which views Jesus as human prophet. Still, I do not expect or require each person with whom I associate to hold the same view as I do about Jesus. I only expect my brothers and sisters in CWJ faith to hold to the same view, as it is one of Three Things we believe in above everything else.

CWJS believe it is impossible to read the Bible and then to reasonably deny Jesus existed as a spirit before becoming a human. We understand other views and people are entitled to them. But I will not waste any more time arguing over what others can read for themselves in the Bible. I am not going to argue with anyone else claiming to be Christian if I can help it, since all such persons should already know what to do, what to believe, and they should be acting out their beliefs, not looking to argue with other professed believers in the Christ. That only makes it more difficult to reach non-believers, those most in need spiritually.

In closing, I would take the Trinity any day over those views of Jesus which demean him, or even over views which think less of him than I believe is warranted in light of the evidence. But the Trinity, in terms of its metaphysical concepts, is not my view of "God." I understand the Trinity, and I can see why some Trinitarians use it to help them understand biblical monotheism. However, that is not what CWJs use to understand monotheism/God as taught in the Bible.

Though I was pretty clear about this in my SMS article, there are some people who appear unable to read and to comprehend the meaning of words in their context. So I felt the need to explain this again, one more time.