Saturday, September 4, 2010

Punctuation In Early Greek New Testament Texts

Here is a link to what will soon be slightly revised and listed as Elihu Online Papers 3, "Punctuation in Early Greek New Testament Texts." The Online Papers will replace the current "IN MEDIO" as part of my continuing presentation of information related to the Bible and to biblical Christianity. [February 7, 2011, AUTHOR'S NOTE: The link to the article has been revised to the currently listed EOP 3 article, which is now listed and available for reading or for download on the new Elihu Online Papers page and on the Elihu Books Topical Index page.]

Though primarily a discussion of the use of punctuation marks in early Greek NT texts in general, and as it relates to certain representations and to many misrepresentations which have been made concerning the use of the same, in this article I do consider the possible use of punctuation marks in specific NT texts including Romans 9:5, Luke 23:43, and more briefly John 1:3, all three of which I intend to discuss more fully (that is, as some of the issues involved with each text go beyond any punctuation in early Greek NT texts) in the near future, starting with Luke 23:43.