Sunday, April 6, 2014

Evolution Issues: 'The Key to Life on Earth'

According to Leslie Baehr ("Scientists Unravel One Of The Keys To Life On Earth — And It's Right Beneath Your Feet," Business Insider [April 6, 2014]), "Scientists are constantly on a mission to untangle how Earth alone among the planets was able to evolve complex life."
In fact, it can be (and regularly is) shown the key to life on earth has nothing to do with accidental conditions as are alleged to have evolved according to this article and the study on which it relies, for no known or currently demonstrable example of any accidental conditions ever results in the formation of new life and, by the way, laboratory experiments are never accidentally set up; they are put in place, exactly as the earth would have to have been set up in order for life to have been placed within it.
This means the idea of the evolution of complex (or even simple) life forms from accidental conditions (as plate tectonics and other earth conditions are often, wrongly alleged to be) cannot be considered scientific, according to any known or demonstrable example.
Since, "Earth alone among the planets" is not now nor has it ever been "able to evolve complex life" (because "complex [or simple] life" cannot evolve from non-life), then life can only have come from pre-existing "complex [or simple] life," that is, according to every single known and observed example of new life which always, without exception, proceeds from earlier forms of similar life.
Therefore, the key to life on earth must be from life outside of the earth since, again, life can only come from already-existing life, not from non-life, nor from water, nor from giant plates of sediment. But life can be given to sediment, just as we see described in the creation of Adam in Eden: He was made from the dirt, and he/we return to the dirt when we die. Our return point shows our origin, at least physically, just as our life today shows where our life came from in the past.
Our flesh is our physical form, but the life we actually have (that which leaves us when we die) is life from another life since, again, scientifically, according to what we observe every single day and what we know has occurred with life in all times past, life can only come from pre-existing life. Life cannot result from something which is not already alive.
So-called "scientists" know this, yet they continue to call things like amino acids "building blocks of life" when, in fact, they are merely building blocks of material, or matter, like protein. Yet, protein is present is a dead body; it is the life which is gone, no matter how many amino acids remain. So life is not 'built' from nor does it result from amino acids.
When "scientists" actually accept the most obvious scientific fact of all scientific facts, namely, life can only come from pre-existing life, which is demonstrated every single day in every single reproductive way, then they will not only realize what/who is the source or origin of life, they will also (hopefully) realize "life" is eternal, or it has always been, since it is here now.
That is why it makes sense and it is entirely scientific for God to be considered eternal, because if he exists (and all forms and functions of life show that he does) then he is the source of life and life, scientifically, must be eternal in order for life to be present today (which it is).
It's as simple as that, and there is no need to look anywhere else for 'the key to life on earth.'
This is why it is correct to say the idea of the evolution of life from accidental conditions, conditions which themselves are believed to be from the equally random formation of planets and their cores and their surface conditions, or from unintelligent, non-intentional life is more like science fiction than anything remotely resembling something truly scientific.
That is why it is also true and correct to say the key to life on earth is life outside of the earth, which life was at some point put into the earth once the earth was made ready for it.--See Genesis Chapter 1.
For additional information about the origin of life from pre-existing life, see my article, "The Origin of Life Is Life (or Something or Someone Already Alive)" (January 13, 2010, Watching the Ministry).