Sunday, January 3, 2016

Me, You, and Go Do!

I have not been as active with this Blog this past year as I have in years past, for the simple reason it is not easy to keep current with writing articles for Blogs when there are so many other outlets to use, such as Facebook, the CWJ Forum, Twitter, and writings done offline for future publication.

Further, over the past several years I have been dealing with the fallout from my divorce to a woman who I believe is no longer supportive of and, in my view, even opposed to Christianity, which has brought great hardship on me and on our children. However, Jah is good, and with time all things pass or become more endurable. His Son is our best example in all things like this, and it is him I follow, no man, no woman, and no organization.

Also, as many former Watchtower Witnesses will tell you, leaving the Watchtower organization is very difficult, since it often causes the loss of friends, family, and isolation from faith-based activities for some time, and for some for all time, but for me only until I realized my faith never should have been dependent upon an organization in the first place, but always dependent solely on the best available reasons for belief in the God of Moses, Jah, and in he whom Moses spoke about as the one who would be "raised up" like him, as one greater than him (Deuteronomy Chapter 18), the Son of Jah himself who "became flesh and lived among us," leaving aside the "form of a god" and instead taking "a slave's form," that of "a man."John 1:1, 14; Philippians 2:6-7.

That is what happened to me, the loss of friends and family, everyone but my three children (about whom I will write later, as their faith and support is something I will always cherish), whom my ex-wife attempted to take away from me, but who failed to do so as the court recognized the absurdity of her claims. But loss of friends and family often results from being involved with people connected to the Watchtower Society.

Indeed, even during my divorce, not once did my family or my in-laws (all or most of whom are active Watchtower Witnesses) contact me to ask, "What's going on, Greg?" I guess they simply believed what they heard from others, rather than take the time to figure out for themselves what was really happening.Compare John 18:34.

In this I believe they failed in the most basic of Christian responsibilities, namely, going to the person with whom you have an issue and finding out from them first what they have to say, before passing judgment.Matthew 18:15-17.

That is not the Watchtower way, demonstrated every time they disfellowship or excommunicate someone without allowing others to learn first from the person what happened, with the entire congregation present, just as Jesus said should be done. Watchtower Witnesses are, or were, simply told the person is "disfellowshiped," leaving it to every Witness' imagination to figure out what actually happened. This is a terrible disservice to the person involved and to those then forced to wonder about what happened when they should have first-hand knowledge about all of it, from the person accused, and not only from his/her accusers.

That's not Christianity. It's control; it's manipulation; it's the very opposite of what Jesus taught us to do according to Matthew (cited above).

Many others have experienced difficulties as well, and for them like for me after facing such trials it can be very difficult to "go" forward, to "do" what previously was done only in association with many other people. I often hear from people about how they want to meet together in person, similar to how the Watchtower Society meets (as well as other groups), which I understand is beneficial to people and, certainly, meeting in person can help us to encourage each other in a manner different from, say, posting messages or sending emails, or simply writing articles.

I also frequently hear about "inactivity," for example, online at certain forums or discussion boards, as if occasional discussion is somehow insufficient when it comes to online association or involvement with others particularly, for us, with other Christians, since there is so much to do.Luke 10:2.

"Do." That one little word is so important, for it involves activity, usually, activity concerning what one already knows how to do. And that's just it: If you already know what to do, and how to do it, "go do!"

Adding "go" to "do" may seem redundant, but it actually adds emphasis to the beginning of the activity you choose to do, since often we know what to do and how to do it, but we do not "go" and "do" what we know.

Rather, I have found there is a tendency among many to "do" in a circle or, though knowing what to do and how to do it, often there is this circling around the question(s) at the heart of the activity, as if the continual justifying of what we know we should do is sufficient when it comes to actually 'doing' it.

Take meeting together in person. If that's what you believe you need to become more active in your spiritual life, or to help others in a more meaningful way, then "go do"!

If you can't bring together a group of people for personal study or reflection, does that stop you from ministering to others during the day, taking advantage of opportunities to defend Jah's name, his person, that he is the Creator, and what is the truth about his history of dealings on this planet?

If you have children, start there. If not, consider other family members, then look for still others who may be interested in truth, or who may simply need help which you can provide in imitation of Jesus, letting your "light shine" as he promised it would.Matthew 5:14-16.

If online association stalls because, well, we've asked and answered the same questions over and over and over again, does that keep you from using what you already know to teach others the truth about Jesus, who history shows him to be, who he claimed to be, his relationship to our salvation, and how he relates to the Law of Moses, another historical figure with a significant role in Jah's purposes?

What if you are all alone, perhaps with just one other person? Is that not enough for you to both show you believe in the Golden Rule, that you will treat others as you want to be treated, and to pray together with the spirit of Jah's Son, who took the time to make clear the fact he is present when any two people (yes, just two people) come together in his name?Matthew 18:20.

All of these things most anyone reading this post can "go do" right now, without anyone else, or in the last case with just one other person.

While more personal association can be a great thing, many of God's servants in the past have been alone or with only a few at times, including God's own Son, who had only 12 close followers, one of whom betrayed him.

Jah does not ever make numbers an issue when it comes to those who follow his Son, and his Son says "two or three" are enough to bring forth his spirit. He also sent forth his own disciples by "twos," not in large groups, to witness about him throughout various communities.Luke 10:1.

So don't think in terms of numbers when it comes to our Christian association online or offline. Quite frankly, the less "busy" Forums like this are the more I believe people are already doing what they know is right, versus simply continuing to question it as if they need a constant reminder of the realization we've already reached!

Instead of repeating things online or elsewhere, think, "Go do." I will, too. That is what makes this about "me, you, and go do!"

Of course, questions about things we may already know much about do have a place, but not as much of a place as I believe we often give them, that is, when we could “go do” what we already know is right and how to do it, such as ministering to or otherwise helping other in need spiritually or physically.

If we “go do” these things and limit our repetition of questions or discussions which have already been asked and answered or considered fully, then whether we are together or apart we will be “one” in spirit and in thought, whether we are only “two or three” or many more, just as the Son prayed for us to be!John 17:20-21.

I intend to be much more active on this Blog and elsewhere, particularly offline, so I can meet other people and actually talk to them in person, the best way I believe we can reach someone, or have a truly stimulating discussion. I encourage all of you to "do" the same, and to "go forth," as Jesus said.Luke 10:3.

Only as you do make sure to remain "cautious as serpents and innocent as doves," knowing "wolves" are among us, and they have no interest in anything but themselves. So they will cast you aside for practically anything, if you are not careful with whom you associate, whom you invite into your home, and whom you marry.—Matthew 10:16.