Sunday, September 28, 2014

Evolution Issues: The Hawking Denial

Hawking said: "Before we understand science, it is natural to believe that God created the universe. But now science offers a more convincing explanation." -- Chris Matyszczyk, "Stephen Hawking makes it clear: There is no God," CNET (September 26, 2014).
The last I checked "science" involves determinations made through repetition which produce the same results.

In the case of "God," we know we are here and we are alive. Further, "science" tell us (and rightly so) life can only come from preexisting life. In other words, something dead does not produce something alive.

It happens every day one way (life comes from something/someone already alive) and it never happens on any day the other way (life resulting from non-life).

Therefore, based on the scientific evidence presented to us every single day of our lives, and in no other way to the contrary, "life" must be eternal since it is here now and life can only come from preexisting or already existing life.

That this eternal life which must exist (because life exists) is also clearly intelligent is easy to show based on every single thing we can observe. Everything has structure, purpose, and design, from a cell to a human.

How, then, does one come to the conclusion as does Hawking, "God" (eternal, intelligent life) does not exist?

Answer: By imagining billions of years during which already existing matter is set in motion by a “Big Bang” in which "accidents" happen randomly to already existing (but non-living) matter.

For Hawking/evolutionists, non-living matter must also be eternal since nothing cannot produce something; yet, unlike an eternal, intelligent God, non-living eternal matter cannot, under any known condition or according to any presented experiment, produce life on its own. This is true and it will remain true no matter how many comets, asteroids, volcanoes, earthquakes, lightning or anything else you add to the mix, all of which tends to destroy not create, if anything.

None of these things, and certainly not “nothing,” could close up a cell wall, and this after making sure all of the cell parts are in place, working, and reproducing. And what about seeds and plants? How did instructions for plants get to be inside seeds?

The theory of evolution is now really nothing more than science fiction, a theory which in no way compares with the evidence on the side of God's existence. There is not an evolutionist alive on this planet who can defend its assumptions against the clear, repeated facts of real scientific study and thought. The only thing an evolutionist can do is assume premises and from these assumed premises conclude exactly as many scientists have assumed; in other words they are arguing circularly from conclusion to premise, not from premise to conclusion.

I can show by science, by repeated, daily experiment exactly where life comes from 100% of the time, and also where it does not come from 100% of the time. Hawking cannot show anything demonstrating evolution’s critical premise, namely, how life comes from non-life, let alone how so much life develops with so much utility.

"God" is not only based on the best available evidence, scientific evidence, it is clearly the only real explanation for why we are here and for why everything is as it is: Someone put everything together and someone set in motion the reproductive cycles which keep life going. That "someone" is eternal, intelligent life, or whom many call "God," and still others call "Jah" or "Jaho(h)-ah."